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i haven’t been here in forever omg. life’s been so busy but i’ll be back for a few weeks!! 

im crazy about your blog ok

omg, thank you so much!! i love you :)))

Rogers Centre, Toronto. Dec. 1st 2012.

omg guys i went to the believe concert at the rogers centre last night and i think i passed out, it was amazing!!! i was far away from the stage but i’ll post pics later!

rest in peace avalanna, you will forever be in our hearts. god bless you little angel <3

I can submit a gif of justin saying "se'cute" if you need one?

- Anonymous

omg please do!!! umm, you can post it and tag me in it if you want!

he was actually talking about Beyonce.. not Rihanna :)

- Anonymous

crap haha it was beyonce! his obsession with both of them has confused me lmfao! thanks! :)

wait, what's se'cute??

- Anonymous

it was on the jimmy fallon special and he was describing rihanna and he was about to say she’s sexy but he said cute instead so it sounded like se’cute then jimmy and him were laughing at it and he kept saying se’cute

his "Se'cute"-ness

- Anonymous

omg this is genius. haha, i will do this, i just need to find a picture or gif something lol

his eyes

- Anonymous

already done! :)


His bieberconda ;)

- Anonymous

did it :)